Please send an email to help desk to join galaxy group.
Please consult services section to learn supported services and pipelines. To have an individual support for any service, please send an email to
You need to connect school network using VPN. To get VPN access, please send an email to help desk.
To see how to do please click here to watch the clip;

From galaxy; find "FileTransfer from/to the Cluster" under UMassTools section. -To transfer a file from cluster(ghpcc06) to the galaxy (Import a file). Please select "FreeText" from the "Select Source File" box and write full path of the file in the cluster. And select "history" in the "Select Output File" box then "execute". You can also change the name of this transfer using pencil button (edit attributes) in the history section.

Dolphin is a pipeline generation platform. We are using dolphin to submit jobs to cluster using galaxy interface.
Please send an email to to join the workshops.
We share bootcamp material in the pages below.
Bootcamp Class Material
1. RStudio is case sensitive. Please use your username that you use to login UMassMed email account(usually lastname+first character of your firstname) lowercase.
2. You need to be in galaxy group. Please send an email to helpdesk to join galaxy group.